Kay & Jee Christian Academy stands as a radiant extension of the esteemed Gods Love Christian Academy, sharing a common mission to deliver a Christ-centered education that fosters the holistic development of each child—nurturing their mind, body, and spirit.

Located in the vibrant Iguoshidin quarters of Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, our academy is committed to providing an environment where students can flourish academically, socially, and spiritually.

At Kay & Jee Christian Academy, we believe in the power of individualized education. Recognizing the unique strengths, talents, and needs of each student, our approach is tailored to support their growth in all aspects. By prioritizing individualized instruction, we aim to cultivate an atmosphere where students feel seen, heard, and valued, creating a foundation for their success.

Our curriculum is designed not only to impart knowledge but also to instill critical thinking and leadership skills. We understand the importance of equipping our students with the ability to analyze information, think creatively, and assume leadership roles in their communities. Through a Christ-centered perspective, we inspire them to approach challenges with compassion, integrity, and a sense of purpose.

The faculty at Kay & Jee Christian Academy is dedicated to creating a nurturing and inspiring learning environment. With a focus on spiritual development, we aim to guide students on a journey that goes beyond academic achievements, helping them build a strong foundation of faith and moral values.

From elementary to high school, our academy provides a seamless educational journey, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded and comprehensive education. We are committed to preparing them for the challenges of the future, both academically and personally.

As we open our doors for enrollment, we welcome families who seek an educational experience deeply rooted in Christian principles. Join us at Kay & Jee Christian Academy, where we strive to nurture young minds, foster a sense of community, and empower the next generation of leaders with a strong foundation in faith and education.