Home School Socialization

Many parents who homeschool their children have been questioned concerning socialization. A lack of socialization can be viewed as a deterrent to proper education. In most cases, we think of “socialization” as children being with other children so they can learn how to get along with others in society and be able to relate and cope with the “real world”. Is this what most socialization brings?

  • Home School Socialization can be good or bad…In order to be successful and get along with others in society, we must first respect authority and our fellow man. Placing children in an environment with others who are not taught this respect, brings “peer pressure” on the child, often causing the child to act like others in their group and acquire their value system, this can bring about negative socialization. The child can develop attitudes and values like the group, where “everybody else is doing it”. People have asked, “but what about socialization?” but I ask, “what about education?”

  • Our society has become more concerned about socialization than education. However, education does incorporate social skills that basically set them up for effective communication within the real world. What we should desire from an education for our children is an individual who can think for himself, making decisions from values which are based on respect for authority and his or her fellow man. An educated person should have convictions for a life based on character, right conduct, proper communication in his speech, and whose appearance is a blessing instead of an obstacle to overcome.

  • Home school socialization is second to Social Skills. Socialization must take a “back seat” to learning basic academic and social skills which reflect respectful manners and appearance with a good positive attitude. Home schooling is strong in promoting these basics and provides the child with a true understanding of proper socialization.

  • Education vs. Socialization While many students have a full schedule which incorporates some sort of social network as well as a social calendar, education should be the main focus of educating the child. Instead of asking a parent if their children will miss out on socialization when home schooling, the person should focus on whether the child is receiving a proper education, producing character and academic mastery and if they are in fact on track, then, socialization is a great way to further social development that may be vital in the near future.


Gods Love Christian Academy has optional activities that sometimes helps our students interact and get to know each other. These activities are optional students can decide to participate or choose not to. This is a small fee of $10 to participate on these activities, via Zoom. These activities are recorded and may be posted on social media, participation is a direct consent that you agree to be recorded and agree that the video be posted on any social media platform.

Activities include:

Arts and Craft




Talent show