Elementary Program

Grades 1-5 School of Tomorrow ACE Curriculum

The Elementary Homeschool curriculum Program consists of five of the essential courses for each grade.

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • Social Studies

  • Science

  • Language Arts (Spelling and Word Building or On-Line Bible)

  • Physical Education

Educational Program

Elementary school is the steppingstone for every child. This is the time where children begin to develop, learn more about themselves and grow socially amongst one another. We’ve found that Elementary homeschool curriculum programs aren’t always well-rounded, so we built our programs with the ideology that every child deserves quality education. Now, we strive to provide an excellent education to prepare our students for an excellent future! The Educational Program Aids students to achieve the true purpose of education through the self-instructional curriculum of the core and supportive curriculum. The self-instructional method and content are based on Biblical Values offering each child a purpose in life, good attitudes, character, educational skills, and social skills which are the basic qualities for success in life.

Home School Training

Gods Love Christian Academy provides Home School Training for the parent who is in charge of home schooling the child. The training is taken by means of the Handbook and Training Worksheets which are sent to the parent to complete in the convenience of the home. The parent is shown how to maintain the desired quality for their home educational program.

The parent thus becomes a Home School Supervisor over the education of their children.

The training program is designed to give the Home School Supervisor the confidence and skills to be successful in home schooling.