Gods Love Christian Academy Graduation Presentation

Parents may want to plan a local graduation presentation and celebration. Locations such as the church with a pastor presentation of the diploma, or perhaps a family and friends get-together with a parent or grandparent presentation of the diploma. This can be quite meaningful for the student graduating.

Honored Tradition

It has been a time honored tradition through the years to make a home school graduation presentation one of the most important events in your child’s life, an important and solemn occasion.

Home school graduations are honored by graduates, family and friends as an important event in each graduates life as the graduate passes by each academic milestone, it is important to celebrate this time in their lives with parents, family and friends as they receive their diploma of graduation.

Graduation Package Components

The Academy has prepared a Graduation Package including a professional High School Diploma and Transcripts for each student that will be graduating.

  • Upon completion of the academic and financial requirements, the diploma and transcripts are sent to the home of the graduating student.

  • A cap and gown may be ordered on-line at students preferred shop.

Graduation Photographs

A professional photo studio in your area may be contacted for a graduation photo for your graduate.

A graduation function is an opportunity to honor the student, as well as, those who helped your family complete the accomplishment of homeschooling through secondary school. The open presentation of graduation is a motivation for friends, companions, and for family.