Kindergarten Curriculum

For children 5 or 6 years of age that do not know how to read, we have a Kindergarten Home School Curriculum program. The main focus in the kindergarten program is learning to read. The kindergarten students learn phonetic sounds: memory, visual, auditory, coordination, and math skills, as well as Christian character.

The Importance Of Kindergarten For Your Child And You

A young child’s brain capacity and learning potential grows exponentially each and every day that passes. Taking initiative and enrolling your child into a kindergarten home school curriculum program will surely give your young student a much better chance at learning organizational skills, planning, and proper attention span. Teaching a child to focus at an early age will enable him or her to develop great intuition and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to national standardized testing.

Establishing good learning habits and study skills early make it easier on the parents too! The sooner your child learns how to integrate with society, the sooner the parents are able to return to normal work schedules, concentrate on fitness goals, help out later with homework, and cook proper nutritious meals so your little one can keep properly growing. Teaching your child Kindergarten at home eliminates inefficiencies in the public school program, saves valuable time in your child’s life and streamlines important information straight to where it needs to be, in your child’s brain!

Children who attend our kindergarten home school curriculum are also more likely to have a continuing education past public requirements meaning more college graduates and graduates of higher learning institutions such as trade schools, nursing schools, and liberal arts programs as well.

There are four quarterly teachers’ manuals with day to day lesson plans and tools. The kindergarten program is a phonetic-based word recognition and early reader course. Students learn to identify the names and sounds of letters through stories and future associations. This course covers consonant sounds and blending, vowel sounds, consonant beginnings, endings, syllables and non-phonetic sounds.

The Kindergarten Home School Curriculum program also includes a complete kindergarten math program, as well as primary readers.

The Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Program consists of five of the essential courses.

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • Social Studies

  • Science

  • Language Arts (Spelling and Word Building or On-Line Bible)