Introducing Zoom Classes: Your Gateway to Enhanced Learning! 📚

Starting from the upcoming school year, we are thrilled to offer students an innovative option: Zoom classes every school day! With this exciting development, students will have the opportunity to sign into Zoom sessions tailored to their grade level, where they'll be placed into breakout rooms for enhanced engagement and personalized assistance.

Whether you're enrolled in the Workbook Program or ePACE, this new feature is designed to enrich your educational journey. Imagine the convenience of accessing immediate help from a supervisor right from the comfort of your own home!

But that's not all—parents, rejoice! We understand the importance of keeping track of your child's attendance, and now, with each login to Zoom, their attendance will be automatically recorded in our school management system. No more worrying about missing attendance records or tardiness—everything is seamlessly managed for you.

Spaces are limited, so seize this opportunity now to secure your spot in these dynamic Zoom classes. Embrace the future of education with us! 🚀📝

Introducing Zoom Classes. MON-THUR

Join live Zoom classes from 9am-2:30pm EST

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Get help, ask questions, and improve learning

Breakout rooms and qualified supervisors for each grade

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Work-Book Program

Our workbook home schooling gives parents the ability to affirm the values of the home and adjust curricula to each child’s learning needs. GLCA workbook program is guided by the concept-by-concept learning method. Students master and fully understand each concept before moving on to another. GLCA is proud to use ACE curriculum for grades K through 12. Our kindergarten program, Learning-to-Read, a phonics-based program, equips children with a strong foundation as they continue to work towards educational and leadership advancement.


ePACES are available for selected courses. Students who want the ePACE option would be able to access some selected PACES online. They are also able to take the self-test and final test online, and its automatically graded. With ePACES, each session is locked, it only unlocks after completion of a prior session. Daily progress is automatically emailed to the student's parent. Student will be able to set daily goals. Completed goals and incomplete goals are emailed to student and parent at the end of each day. Students' supervisor gets notified as well on status of students' progress.

ePACE courses available are from 2nd to 11th level: They include BIBLE READING, SCIENCE, SOCIAL STUDIES AND WORD BUILDING, WORLD HISTORY. There is a onetime payment of $50 per student, plus applicable tuition for the whole academic year, to be able to access the use of portal. Advantages of the ePACE option is, no physical materials sent, fast, access is immediate. Students are able to ask questions using the chat option available and get response from their assigned supervisors. Supervisors review students work, make corrections.