This program avails students the opportunity to learn digitally. In our present world we realize that technology is evolving, and we are persuaded to ensure our students have the liberty to engage and utilize materials digitally. Another advantage of the online program is that it eliminates paper paces, as students can access all materials online.

Accessible- Access ePACE through your internet browser any time and at any place, no download required.

Interactive= Fun engaging activities are used throughout the ePACE platform to keep students excited and focused,

Auto Scored- Auto scored activities, Self-Tests, and Test save time and increase accuracy. No score keys are necessary.

Compatible- The ePACEe platform allows ultimate flexibility. Use it with your MAC or PC, desktop, laptop or tablet.

Secure- There is no need to worry about losing data. The system does the record keeping for you and saves the data on secure servers.

Enhanced- Enjoy video clips, varied Test questions, auto-generated reports and much more.

Supervisors Dashboard- Supervisors can easily check goals and access Test results and respond to student requests. Automated notifications and alerts are sent as students' progress through their ePACEs.

Students Dashboard- Students will have an interactive Goal Card and Student Progress Chart. They can easily track their progress as they work through each section of their ePACEs.

Parents Dashboard- Parents will have a dashboard to monitor students as they work through ePACEs.

Messaging System- Supervisors and students may communicate as needed through the built-in ePACE messaging system.

This Program comes with a one-time fee of $100 plus tuition for each academic year.